How To Delete My Kik Account Without Email?

    A lot of youngsters are looking for online ways to delete Kik account without an email id. When you register for a Kik account, you have to provide an email id for future communication purposes. But this won’t force its users to verify the email address in order to use this profile. The email id which we give by registering plays an important role when we want to get rid of the profile forever. Kik sends the final confirmation link to the registered email. Without that you cannot delete the profile however, when you have finally decided to delete the profile for good, you have to first check the category in which this falls into. 

    Who Can Delete their Profile without Email ID?

    • People who currently do not have any access to their registered email id, which they provide during profile registration.
    • Some of those give fake email id while registering for the profile.
    • Some who forgot their Kik account login password as well as the id they gave while registering or no access to email.
    • Strangers who want to hack the profile of others.

    Category 3 and 4 people are the ones in the same territory. They do not know their email id, and they are unable to log in to the account but they might know the user id, but not the password. 

    Delete Your Kik Account without Email Id

    • Log in to your Kik account on your phone.
    • Go to settings.
    • Then tap on your account option.
    • You will see your account details like the username, email id, name. then tap on email id.
    • Now edit the email and give some other id for which you have access. Then click on save.  

    For more read -  https://onlinegeeksnet.bookmark.com/how-to-delete-kik-account-permanently-or-temprarily


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