• What Can I Do If Gmail Attachments Won’t Download?

    Emails are now a crucial part of our life, so when issues arise in an email it may frustrate an individual which may result in burst out. So for these reasons we need not stress ourselves and make ourselves worry instead we can fix it ourselves. So when you can’t open attachments on an android phone you can follow the solutions that are given below.
    Solution 1:
    Open your browser and go to the settings to clear your cookie, cache, and history, so that your browser may not get slow and work fast.
    Solution 2:
    Sometimes, your antivirus can also restrict the proper functioning of your Gmail which may result in failure to download attachments. So in this case we will have to disable it temporarily. 
    Solution 3:
    If you are using browsers that are not so familiar try shifting to other browsers like chrome, safari, firefox, etc. Some browsers do not support Gmail. 
    Solution 4:
    In your Gmail account go to the settings and select on the lab's tab.
    In lab options, you will have to disable the radio buttons.
    Finally do not forget to save the changes.
    So when your Gmail attachments won’t download, try these simple solutions to fix by yourself.

  • What to Do If Your Windows 10 Start Menu is Not Working?

    There may be various issues you can live with when it comes to your Microsoft Windows 10 computer but being unable to use the start menu is not one of them. But you don’t have to worry, being unable to use the start menu is not one of them. But you don’t have to download any hard-to-understand software to fix this. To get your Windows 10 start menu working again, you will have to use the task manager and type in a few commands. If you are new to Windows, you don’t have a difficult time understanding the following instructions. 

    • Disconnect your windows account

    If the Start menu fails each time you restart your computer, then this is a way you want to try. You have to go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-In Options. Then you have to scroll to privacy and turn off the option which states, ‘use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart. And the next time you click on the start menu, it won’t give any other problems. 

    • Cortana could be the culprit

    There can be many reasons as to why the windows start menu is not working properly, and Cortana could be one of them. To get this issue fixed, you can try restarting Cortana, and if that does not work, you can also try re-registering it. 
    Let us try to restart Cortana. First, you will have to access the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar. The task manager option would be the third one from the bottom. You have to make sure that you are on the processing tab and find Cortana. Then you can click on it and then select the end task button at the bottom right. This must restart Cortana and then end the start menu issue. It looks like you are going to have to re-register it. 

    • Enter safe mode

    If you have issues related to the start menu after installing software, then you need to enter safe mode to make sure the software is causing the issue. To enter safe mode, you will have to press the Windows and L Key when Windows is starting. Then click on the power button and long-press on the shift key and press restart. You must see the boot options, head on over to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings, and then reboot your system.

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  • How To Delete My Kik Account Without Email?

    A lot of youngsters are looking for online ways to delete Kik account without an email id. When you register for a Kik account, you have to provide an email id for future communication purposes. But this won’t force its users to verify the email address in order to use this profile. The email id which we give by registering plays an important role when we want to get rid of the profile forever. Kik sends the final confirmation link to the registered email. Without that you cannot delete the profile however, when you have finally decided to delete the profile for good, you have to first check the category in which this falls into. 

    Who Can Delete their Profile without Email ID?

    • People who currently do not have any access to their registered email id, which they provide during profile registration.
    • Some of those give fake email id while registering for the profile.
    • Some who forgot their Kik account login password as well as the id they gave while registering or no access to email.
    • Strangers who want to hack the profile of others.

    Category 3 and 4 people are the ones in the same territory. They do not know their email id, and they are unable to log in to the account but they might know the user id, but not the password. 

    Delete Your Kik Account without Email Id

    • Log in to your Kik account on your phone.
    • Go to settings.
    • Then tap on your account option.
    • You will see your account details like the username, email id, name. then tap on email id.
    • Now edit the email and give some other id for which you have access. Then click on save.  

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  • What Can I Use Instead of KissCartoon?

    Cartoons always bring us a sense of joy as we go down memory lane. No matter the age, size, gender, or region, everyone loves cartoons. Most people, even to this day, watch cartoons whenever they get the time. 

    For the people who love to enjoy the cartoons of their choice whenever they have the time, the kisscartoon website might be a common household name for them. For those of you who do not as to what this website is, it is one of the best streaming platforms where you can watch cartoons and anime of your choice.

    This is an amazing website that has a wide range of movies and cartoons for the users so they can have a great time on here. The website has a great user interface which makes it easier for the users to navigate to the content of their choice. A website like a kiss cartoon gradually attained fame and following but it also led to the downfall of this website. 

    Tons of sites like kisscartoon emerged on the internet that offered the same content along with the same user interface which sent the parent website into a huge loss, which further led the website to eventually be taken down by the owners of the website.

    Although, there are tons of great alternatives that one can still get their hands on to access the content of their choice. Here are some of the best alternatives to kiss cartoons that are available on the internet.

    • Anime toon
    • Crunchy roll
    • Kiss anime
    • Cartoon network
    • Cartoon crazy
    • 9anime
    • Cartoons ons
    • Disney junior
    • Kim cartoon. to
    • Animexplay 

    You can use any one of these alternatives to watch cartoons and anime anytime that you want to.

    You can also access other websites that offer similar services in case you think that these websites are not doing the job for you.

  • What is Similar to Z library?


    Z library basically allows one to access as many as books one wishes for. Now for a bookworm, this blog is going to be a great help. You must know an alternative if you wish to switch from the service. We shall be listing a few apps alongside that can be a good choice at the end.

    Now to name a few Realistic doodles in minutes is mainly for creating video for both of them be it a whiteboard or a blackboard. Project Gutenberg is another such alternative that has over 60k eBooks which are for free. It’s a great choice one can make and it has mostly classics. Next, we have libgen.pw which has got some very high defined collections of comics and articles and a few of them are also fiction. Most of the users are very happy using this as an alternative. Ebook300 is another such name in the list, its download option makes it easier for the user as they r4ead it later. It is mainly regarded as the open dictionary for eBooks and is no doubt the best place to download ebooks. It is appreciated because of the vast library it has. ok, the searcher is another name in the list which provides free pdf to the budding reader or author. The nerd will be filled with happiness after visiting this site. Make sure you visit each one of them and that’s all from our side.

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